History and character at Belgenny Farm

Belgenny Farm was established by John and Elizabeth Macarthur in 1805 and contains the earliest collection of colonial farm buildings in Australia. It was  part of the original 2,000 hectare (5,000 acre) Camden property granted to John Macarthur in 1805 and was the home farm for John and Elizabeth Macarthur and their children.

John Macarthur passed away on the site on 10 April 1834 and is buried in the Macarthur Cemetery along with Elizabeth located adjacent from the main grounds.

The site was saved from housing development when the NSW Government purchased the land in 1984 and is now Heritage Listed and managed by the NSW Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD).

The site is self-funded with income for ongoing maintenance and restoration generated through a combination of weddings and events, guided tours, film and photography shoots, and school excursions.

The DPIRD uses the site for agritourism to promote the history of Australian agriculture through the innovations of the Macarthur Family through to modern day farming practices that is still visible through operations at the adjacent land used for the Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Institute (EMAI) which was established for biosecurity and agricultural research.

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Belgenny Farm School Excursions


Schools enjoy a diverse range of hands-on curriculum based programs including the new Creamery Interpretative Centre. The Creamery showcases the dairy industry over the last 200 years and is supported by a virtual tour and online resources.

Events and weddings

Throughout the year, Belgenny hosts several open days as well as weddings and corporate events. With peaceful gardens, a rural landscape and historic farm buildings as your backdrop, Belgenny Farm offers a beautiful location with modern facilities.


The Macarthur’s pioneered Merino wool production, wheat growing, dairying, horticulture and grape growing at Belgenny. With the oldest operating farm buildings in Australia, this hidden treasure is one of only a few agricultural places listed on the State Heritage Register.

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