Film and photo shoots

Belgenny Farm's stunning rural setting provides one-of-a-kind locations for photography and filming. The property's colonial-era buildings, idyllic gardens and large stretches of tranquil farmland offer a versatile site for various creative projects. 

A distinctive aesthetic of the property comes from our historic farm buildings. These buildings' weathered timber and rusted corrugated iron roofs exude rustic charm. Also on site are our well-maintained, 19th-century cottages, which are characteristic of a classic architectural style.

The property is situated in the picturesque suburb of Camden, which has provided locations for several well-known productions, including the movies 'Australia' (2008), 'Hacksaw Bridge' (2016) and Peter Rabbit' (2018). Camden Council supports the film industry by waiving filming application and permit fees, making Belgenny Farm one of many potential locations in this Sydney region.

Belgenny Farm also offers the following features:

  • Picturesque farm and garden settings only 1 hour from the Sydney CBD
  • Early bump ins and late bump outs available
  • Ability to leave equipment locked up on-site with overnight security for multiple shooting days
  • On-site catering available or access to the Community Hall kitchen for self-catering
  • Quiet dirt roads around entry ways with minimal traffic
  • Multiple spaces both indoor and outdoors that can be used for a variety of settings

We are proud to have successfully provided locations for the following clients’ productions in the past 24 months:

  • MARCS/Myers
  • Aldi
  • Kia
  • Target
  • Farmer Wants a Wife
  • Australian Pork
  • NRL

Film and Photography Pricing: 

Commercial film/photography shoots:
Non-exclusive access: $300.00 per hour (3 hour minimum) or $2,000 full day.
Exclusive access: $600.00 per hour (3 hour minimum) or $4,000 full day.

Personal Photography Shoots (non-exclusive access):
$75.00 per hour (during 9:00am - 4:00pm, Monday - Friday) or $100.00 per hour (after business hours).

The team at Belgenny understands that creative productions have unique requirements. We will ensure your specific requirements are fulfilled by providing your project with individual care. If you are interested in using Belgenny Farm as a location for your next creative project, please contact us at (02) 4654 6800 or

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