School Excursions

School excursions at Belgenny

The NSW DPI School program team has joined forces with A Smart Farmer and Fizzics Education to deliver new school programs at Belgenny Farm in Camden, NSW.

To book or discuss a customised program phone: 02 4654 6800 or email: for more information.


Early Stage 1 – Stage 3 (Kindergarten - 6)

Science in your milk

  • Learn about the needs of dairy cows, farming practices, how technology has changed and improved milk harvesting on farms
  • food science including composition of milk, food safety and raw milk
  • the improvements that science and technology have made to dairy production in the Creamery – a hands-on interactive learning space.

Robotics and coding in the Dairy Industry

  • Students use Bee-bots (K-1) or Lego robotics (Years 2-6) to learn about the use of robotics in 21st century farming. Students will code robots to move and/or sense their environment and are challenged to complete one or more of the following activities: cow collar, automated dairy milking system or automated drafting gates.
  • A tour of the Creamery demonstrates the improvements that science and technology have made to the dairy production processing chain, from milking to milk processing.
  • BOOK NOW: 22 and 23 March 2021


Stage 4 (Years 7-8)

Agriculture and Food technologies

  • Students will explore how a dairy farm is a managed environment and investigate the innovative and sustainable ways milk is produced.
  • Creamery tour to demonstrate scientific and technological innovation in dairy production.

Stage 5 (Years 9-10)

Judging and Genetics

  • Students will learn:
    • how genetics and stock selection are used in agriculture,
    • how modern biotechnology improves Australia’s produce,
    • perform a hands-on DNA extraction,
    • learn about Mendelian genetics and see gel electrophoresis in action.
  • Hands-on selection, judging and appraisal of beef cattle.
  • Practical investigation of Estimated Breeding Values in beef production and the DPI Southern Multi Breed (Genomics) research project.
  • BOOK NOW: 16 and 17 March 2021