Blacksmith's shop

The blacksmith's shop was built in 1937 using some of the material from the original shop which was located on the site of the community hall. It was moved when the hall was built.

In earlier days the blacksmith's shop was a busy place and in some ways it was the nerve centre of the farm. Blacksmiths performed many essential, skilled tasks. As well as making horse shoes and shoeing horses they made, sharpened and repaired hand tools and farm equipment. They also made gates, hinges, bolts, spikes, axles, wheels, parts of ploughs, and the metal parts of harness for horses and bullocks. They were multi-skilled and worked in brass and copper as well as iron.

Inside there is a forge with a hand-pumped bellows to bring the fire to a high enough temperature to heat iron until it glows red-hot so it can be bent and shaped. There is an anvil on which to hammer metal objects, and a sandstone water trough to cool them down.