Community hall

The Community Hall was built in 1937 as a recreation hall for employees of Camden Park estate and their families. The Macarthur family company gave £100 for materials, with all construction undertaken by employees. The hall was one of the last buildings erected on the Home Farm, now called Belgenny, under Macarthur ownership.

The hall was used regularly for dances, parties and movies. At one stage there was a movie shown here every fortnight, with a dance held on the week in-between.

The hall played an important part in social life on Camden Park. This was in the days before television and before it was common for every family to own a car. That's why these functions were well attended by the large number of estate workers and their families. It is where many young men and women first met and later married.

The hall is now used as a corporate function centre and an education centre for school children visiting Belgenny.